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Alien Newborn Life-Size Head Prop by CoolProps and Sideshow Collectibles

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Sideshow and CoolProps are pleased to present the Alien Newborn Life-Size Head Prop Replica. The controversial creature, which is a hybrid of human and Xenomorph, made its shocking appearance in the movie Alien Resurrection. This Alien Newborn's physical appearance was dramatically different from any other Xenomorph, even though it was born from the Alien Queen.

CoolProps has crafted the Newborn Head in 1:1 scale, with its curious appearance based on the original mold. Artists were able to reproduce the violent yet adorable appearance by replicating the original paintwork.

You can never look away once these cruel but innocent eyes have caught you.

Product Specifications
Alien Resurrection
Product Type:
Prop Replica
Product Size:
20.47" H (519.94mm) x 25.98" L (659.89mm)