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Alien Warrior Life-Size Head Prop by CoolProps and Sideshow Collectibles

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Sideshow and CoolProps are pleased to present the Alien Warrior Life-Size Head Prop Replica. The "Alien Warrior" was part of dozens of aliens that were propagated fromh the alien queen in the 1986 movie Aliens. Alien Warriors appeared many times in the movie, but only a few suits were made for shooting.

CoolProps has produced this piece based on the original mold, which is without lips, and which captures the distinctive features of the Alien Warrior, such as its musculature around the jaw and the bony ridges running along the Xenomorph's dome, and features an array of piping.

Those hostile silver fangs will give you a real fear of the Alien Warrior.

Product Specifications
Product Type:
Prop Replica
Product Size:
17.71" H (449.83mm) x 33.46" L (849.88mm)*