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KidRobot Arcane Divination Clairvoyant 20 Inch Antique Black Dunny Figure NEW

Regular price $ 439.99
Limited to just 200 pieces worldwide.
You've never seen a Dunny like this!
The Clairvoyant stands 20-inches tall!
Incredibly sculpted figure features an antique black colorway.
It's time to seal your fate and collect the final piece of your Arcane collection! Preceded by five sold-out Arcane Divination The Clairvoyant 8-Inch Dunny colorways and the Arcane Divination Mini Series, artist J*RYU and Kidrobot now present this amazing 20-inch tall Dunny of The Clairvoyant. In an antique black colorway, this incredibly sculpted Arcane Divination The Clairvoyant 20-Inch Antique Black Dunny Figure is limited to just 200 pieces worldwide. Pick one up today and have a clear vision of your future collection!
Edition Size:  200