August 08, 2023 4 min read

If you're looking to start your journey into the world of collectible toys, you're in the right place. This is your guide to the best and most popular brands, and why each one deserves a spot in your display case. Here's what to know!

Why Do Collectible Toy Brands Matter?

As a first-time collector, it's easy to assume that the toy matters more than the brand--and in some cases, you'd be right. This is particularly true for limited edition or sought-after items. However, to be a nuanced and--yes--expert collector, there's more to the story.

Consider these important elements:


Some brands are known for their quality and attention to detail. In this case, that brand name carries a lot of importance in the collecting community--not just because the items could be worth more, but because every toy is lovingly, accurately, and beautifully crafted. After all, your collection deserves the best.


In some cases, a particular brand becomes important to collectors because everyone's talking about it. Popularity goes a long way--and the more people shop from a particular brand, the more it's able to expand and introduce new offerings. In many ways, the collecting community supports toy sellers as much as toy sellers support collectors!


Even beyond the world of collectible toys, there are some brands that have value just because of their name. This is sometimes due to a long history, involvement with a popular designer or creator, or even just fair prices. What does that mean for collectors? Simple: A toy from a highly valued brand might be worth more, while a similar toy from a less-known company could lose money.


Some brands are known for their niche offerings--they do a few things and do them very well. Other brands are jacks of all trades and have wide selections that cater to just about any need. In most cases, it doesn't matter whether a toy seller is specialized; what matters is that their offering aligns with the market--which means it's updated regularly, priced fairly, shipped quickly, and made with care.

Top Toy Collector Brands

So, what are these brands that can help define your experience in collectible toys? Let's take a closer look:

Hot Toys Limited

Hot Toys Limited got its start in Hong Kong in 2000. Since then, the company has become known worldwide for its high-quality handmade toys. These aren't your traditional action figures (although even a mass-produced action figure can be worth a pretty penny depending on the toy). Instead, they're sixth-scale collectibles sculpted and painted by renowned artists. Limited production runs and high-profile IP partnerships make Hot Toys a great choice for new and experienced collectors alike.

Trick Or Treat Studios

As the name suggests, Trick Or Treat Studios specializes in all things Halloween. Whether you're looking for ornaments from your favorite Child's Play movie or hoping to add a little horror to your collection with a highly detailed Michael Myers mask, this is your definitive stop. The company is known for its attention to detail, employing costuming experts and artistic masterminds to bring popular franchises to life. Plus, if you--like many collectors--are a fan of the classics, you'll find retro memorabilia right alongside newer IP.

Sideshow Collectibles

It may be called Sideshow Collectibles, but this company deserves center stage. Since 1994, Sideshow has focused on "dedication, accuracy, and artistry" in both licensed and original merchandise. On top of that, they also distribute toys from other companies, including Hot Toys. Join nearly 430,000 collectors and become a fan of the manufacturer's out-of-this-world selection.

The Takeaway for Toy Collectors

The most important thing to remember about these brands--and any other toy seller--is that there's never a guarantee that their items will go up in value. The collectibles market is highly dependent on collectors themselves: what you're interested in, what you'll spend money on, what you resell, and what you keep on your own shelves. There are also plenty of outside influences, including everything from the economy to summer movie release schedules.

For this reason, your mission as a toy collector is to be smart at every turn. There may not be promises in this hobby, but there are good chances--especially if you do your research and stick with well-known, well-performing brands like these. And, of course, there's more to toy collecting than making money. Every collector loves the thrill of finding the perfect piece for their display or discovering a limited edition toy.

Simply put, every collector has their favorite brands. Over time, you'll learn more about your options and how to get the best deals and items from each company. (Remember to sign up for newsletters or email lists to be among the first to know about any collector news!) Eventually, you'll know where you like to shop and why--and that's just one rite of passage in the life of a toy collector.


Although Hot Toys, Trick Or Treat Studios, and Sideshow certainly aren't the only toy brands out there, you're sure to find incredible items from any of these manufacturers. Here at Collector's Row, we know all the best names in the industry and how to help build out your collection.

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