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Allow yourself to get creeped out with our unique and numerous Alien collectibles. Collector’s Row is the premier source for you to quench your thirst for collection, from the James Cameron era to Ridley Scott’s interpretation of the film. Our inventory spans the imagination with highly sought-after, popular Hollywood memorabilia pieces. It makes perfect sense to include the horrifying alien.

We share a love of sports and film with collectors, and we built this store in order to reminisce with millions of people. Collector’s Row is also keen on procuring the rare, handcrafted and unique items that just won’t appear so readily to the casual seeker. Our catalog is composed of the most popular brands and movie characters our fans tell us about. Since we’re fans, we understand the priority of finding memorabilia that’s completely different as well. We toil full-time to locate, inspect and approve everything we offer. If you want it, need it, can’t find it or prefer the better options within certain collections, we have you covered with special access to manufactures like Diamond Select, Disney and Attakus, among several others.

The folks at ComicCon in San Diego will attest – Alien remains a popular inspiration for action figures and replicas. We have Lt. Ellen Ripley, Bishop (Queen Attack) and black and red versions of the Xenomorph Warriors (Genocide). If you want Sigourney Weaver and her flamethrower on your mantelpiece, you can find a highly detailed one here. This is the real deal – a key slice of Hollywood in your home.