Hot Toys Koska Reeves Sixth Scale Figure

Meet Koska Reeves, a formidable Mandalorian warrior and proud member of the Nite Owls™. Alongside the legendary Bo-Katan Kryze™, they embark on a mission to reclaim Mandalore™. Their path intersects with that of Din Djarin™, when they come to the aid of the enigmatic alien Grogu™.

Expanding upon the immensely popular The Mandalorian collectible series, Sideshow and Hot Toys proudly present the Koska Reeves Sixth Scale Collectible Figure!

Prepare to be dazzled by the astonishingly detailed craftsmanship of this collectible figure. From the newly developed head sculpt capturing an uncanny likeness to the meticulously crafted hair sculpture, every aspect has been perfected. Adorned in Mandalorian helmet and armor, weathered to give it an authentic look, it truly is a sight to behold. The expertly tailored under-suit, jetpack with booster fire effects, and an arsenal of weapons including a blaster rifle and blaster pistol, offer a complete package. Add to that a wired grappling hook, a flamethrower effect, a themed display stand, and backdrop, and you have an irresistible addition to your Star Wars collection.

Let the loyal and fierce Koska Reeves take pride of place in your cherished collection of Star Wars memorabilia!