June 03, 2019 3 min read

In the DC Universe, the mysterious Swamp Thing is connected to a mystical realm called The Green. The Green is an Elemental force that is connected to all botanical life not just on Earth, but in the all of the universe.

Swamp Thing is the Champion of The Green, and holds membership with the legendary Parliament of Trees. But what exactly does that mean?

1. Protector of The Green

Swamp Thing is both the avatar for and the protector of this primordial force. In a world constantly fueled by the notion of “progress”, the lines between creation and destruction can often become blurred. Are you creating technology? Or destroying the world you live in?

Technology makes leaps and bounds, and humans learn more about how to control the world around them. However, not everything was meant to be controlled. In a world where gods walk amongst you, it’s quite arrogant to try to be one. So naturally, he protects the plant life around the world as best he can.

Swamp Thing has the ability to commune with The Green. The Green has a sort of extra-dimensional collective consciousness called the Parliament of Trees. The Parliament of Trees is a powerful group of trees stationed primarily in Brazil, off the river Tefé. The Parliament chooses their Champion and protector, who must learn to harness their powers and fight against the other Elemental forces.

Swamp Thing is able to transfer his consciousness to any plant in the DC Universe, though his primary focus is on the Earth. He is able to change his shape and size, and even able to create new organic life in some cases. Swamp Thing has teamed up with The Red, the Elemental force of animals, to fight against The Rot/The Black, the realm of decay. While death is inevitable, Swamp Thing fight to protect all plant life for as long as he can.

2. Opponent of The Grey

The Green is only one of the many Elemental forces that fight over the Earth’s resources and heroes. They fight to keep a great balance in check. Naturally, this is easier said that done, especially when many of the Elementals have naturally opposing natures. The two most well understood Elementals are The Green and The Red.

The Green is of course connected to all of the plants on Earth and on all worlds. The Red is tied to all of the animals on Earth and on all worlds, no matter how alien or strange. Their collective is the Parliament of Limbs. The Green and The Red have a mutual respect for one another, recognizing that importance and the symbiotic nature of both plants and animals.

Then there is The Grey. The Grey is the a life form made of fungus, and the source of power for the Elemental of Fungus, held by the villainous Matango. Matango was originally a member of The Parliament of Trees who volunteered to learn about a strange new element that landed on Earth. His true motive was to gain power and overthrow the Parliament of Trees. He wants the fungus of The Grey to inherit and rule the Earth. It is Swamp Thing’s job to keep The Grey at bay.

3. A Connection to Humanity

Above all else, Swamp Thing represents a fine balance. Swamp Thing took on the persona and the memories of the scientist Alec Holland and was entrusted with the fate of The Green. All the plants in the world, and even the Parliament of Trees, are rooted to the Earth. They are in tune with every leaf and every flower. But ultimately, they are tethered by their roots, and limited in their perspective without the human perspective that Swamp Thing provides.

Swamp Thing has ties to the world of man. Swamp Thing has a family. He’s married to Abby Holland (neé Arcane), and has a daughter named Tefé. Both Abby and Tefé help to bridge the gap between the world of plants and humans.

Abby is an empath and telepath with the ability to understand and heal people, both with her powers and with her medical knowledge. Tefé has an even greater connection to the Elementals than Swamp Thing, since she’s attached to both The Green and The Red. It is Swamp Thing’s calling to walk the line between these two worlds, and maintain peace and perspective between them.

Swamp Thing must find and enforce balance in a dying and desperate world. It’s a difficult and ever-changing role. Thus, he is a complicated and ever-changing character. What’s your favorite Swamp Thingmoment? Let us know in the comments, and don’t forget to Let your Geek Sideshow!

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