Astro Boy - Atom Deluxe Statue - The Real - Superb Anime Statue

“Why is he named Atom (Astro Boy)?”

Why did Osamu Tezuka give such a little robot an intense name of Atom?

Although humans have obtained the ability to create energy through nuclear power and the convenient life of dazzling abundance, they have also experienced irremediable wounds and fears through nuclear weapons. Through Atom, Osamu Tezuka delivered a strong message that violence is never justified and to persuade by dialogue rather than overpowering and dominating the enemy.

Blitzway analyzed Atom and Osamu Tezuka’s message in animations and comic books, and was able to determine the direction of our statue production. With formidable power hidden behind the cute and sleek appearance, we wanted to express what may look cute at a glance, but is strong with nuclear power. Lightly press the heart-shaped mechanism to make the heart start beating and glow red. Nuclear fusion of the two legs begins to pulsate slowly. Staring at reality, Atom's eyes gaze with a cold and blue stare.

Atom’s warm heart in his cold metal body begins to beat.



The Astro Boy - Atom Deluxe Superb Anime Statue features:

Highly detailed likeness of Astro Boy from the original comics
Exquisitely designed diorama base, equipment, and stand
Upper and lower moving neck, rotating wrist
Front removable and full body or half body replaceable exterior parts
All the exterior parts are Alloy metal
Five (5) LED Light-up functions on the Astro boy
Seven (7) LED Light-up functions on the Diorama base
Diorama Base and Stand (In Deluxe Version)
Storage function at the bottom of the diorama


One (1) Hair part
One (1) Open-eyed face part
One (1) Closed-eyed face part
One (1) Closed-eyed half-face part
One (1) Chest part
One (1) Chest half part
One (1) Pair of arm cover parts
Three (3) Pairs of hands (fist hands, open hands, machine hands)
One (1) Pants part
One (1) Pants half part
One (1) Pair of leg cover parts
One (1) Pair of shoes
One (1) Stand
One (1) Diorama Base (Deluxe Version)
One (1) Open Chest Part (Deluxe Version)
* 3 mercury cell batteries (LR41) required for Astro Boy - Batteries not included.
* 3 AAA batteries required in the Diorama Base - Batteries not included

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