Batman - Scarecrow Sixth Scale Maquette

Introducing the all-new Scarecrow Maquette by Tweeterhead! Behold, the self-proclaimed "MASTER OF FEAR!" Boo!

Standing at approximately 20" tall, 15" wide, and 13" deep when fully assembled, this meticulously crafted polyresin statue showcases Scarecrow wielding a menacing Scythe. Perched atop a segment of Arkham Asylum drenched in fear toxin, prepare to be captivated by the intricate details of this masterpiece, from the furthest tips of the Crows' wings to the handle of the Scythe.

The "Standard Edition" features two distinct portraits: a "Classic" style inspired by Scarecrow's initial appearance and a more "Modern" rendition influenced by his depiction in Batman: The Long Halloween and Batman: The Animated Series. Experience the essence of this iconic character in all his eerie glory!

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