Ghost Nameless Ghouls Chrome Mask

Sculpted by Jerry Constantine

Trick or Treat Studios and Global Merchandising Services are proud to present the officially licensed Ghost Chrome Nameless Ghoul Mask.

Sculpted by Jerry Constantine, the Artist that makes all the masks for the band. This mask was derived from the stage used master molds, is made in the same exact materials and uses the same exact paint and production process as the Chrome Nameless Ghoul Masks as seen on A Pale Tour Named Death. This amazing mask is made out of resin.

Each mask comes in a beautiful full color Collectors Box!

So get yourself the Chrome Ghoulette Nameless Ghoul Mask and rock out with Cardinal Copia and Ghost!

Please note that resin is a temperature sensitive material and your mask can expand and contract as a result, especially when shipped. In addition, resin masks can have variation in texture as a result of curing and the chrome paint can bring out slight blemishes. These issues do not constitute a defect and they are identical to what is on the stage used masks.

Ghost! © 2018 Global Merchandising Services. All right reserved.

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