He-Man and Battle Cat Classic Deluxe Maquette

“By the Power of Grayskull! I HAVE THE POWER!”

Get ready to witness the unveiling of incredible secret powers! Sideshow and Tweeterhead proudly present the He-Man and Battle Cat Classic Deluxe Maquette, a magnificent addition to your Masters of the Universe collectibles.

This deluxe maquette captures the iconic transformation of Prince Adam and his fearless companion, Cringer. Celebrating their original two-dimensional appearances, this three-dimensional update is a true masterpiece. Standing tall at 23.25" with a width of 16.75" and a length of 25.75", Eternia's mightiest warrior and his valiant mount charge into battle. He-Man proudly raises his sword and shield to defend Castle Grayskull while Battle Cat leaps across the jaws of the mystical keep. Additionally, He-Man comes with a swap-out hand for wielding his battle axe and a sheathed sword for his back. With numerous display options, you'll be hailed as the legendary Man-At-Arms!

The He-Man and Battle Cat Classic Deluxe Maquette boasts exquisite sculpting, capturing every intricate texture and movement. From Battle Cat's vibrant green and orange fur to the flowing locks of He-Man's iconic blonde hair, every detail is meticulously crafted. He-Man's costume features his signature red and silver chest plates, fur briefs with a golden belt, and wrapped brown boots. Moreover, He-Man has two swap-out chest plate emblems, offering both classic and modern designs. Battle Cat dons red armor, complete with a saddle and a spiked helmet. The forces of evil tremble before this unstoppable duo, ready to fight until the very end to protect the secrets of Grayskull.

Face off He-Man and Battle Cat against notorious enemies like Skeletor, Mer-Man, and others, or pair them with allies such as the Teela Legends Maquette by Tweeterhead (sold separately), for the ultimate Masters of the Universe display in your collection.

Experience the power of Grayskull in your own collection by bringing home the exclusive He-Man and Battle Cat Classic Deluxe Maquette by Tweeterhead.

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