Marvel Studios Eternals Gilgamesh Sixth Scale Figure

Behold the cosmic might of Gilgamesh, an Eternal whose golden, energy-enhanced exoskeleton shields his arms and fists. Renowned for his incredible strength and kindness, Gilgamesh is etched into history for his epic battles against the predatory Deviants. When fate exiles him and Thena from their fellow Eternals, they become an unbreakable duo.

Now, inspired by Marvel Studios' Eternals, Sideshow and Hot Toys proudly present the Gilgamesh Sixth Scale Collectible Figure, bringing this cosmically powerful Eternal to life on your display.

Crafted with precision to capture Don Lee's portrayal of Gilgamesh, the figure features a newly sculpted head with an uncanny likeness, a sculpted physique that faithfully recreates Gilgamesh's muscular frame, and a meticulously tailored battle suit adorned with bronze and green patterned armors with metallic accents. The figure also includes gauntlet gloves and translucent fists with gold geometric patterns, highlighting his unique abilities. Completing the package is a figure stand.

Bring Gilgamesh into your Eternal collection today and witness the power of this extraordinary character!