Soap Studio The Joker (Bank Robber Version) Batman The Dark Knight 1:12 Action Figure

Sideshow and Soap Studio are proud to present The Joker (Bank Robber Version) 1:12 Action Figure!

In the 2008 movie The Dark Knight, the villain "The Joker" played by Heath Ledger became an unforgettable character in the history of DC movies.

Soap Studio has always been committed to creating excellent quality 1:12 figures, paying attention to details and have improved on the 1:12 body and head sculpt as well as the joint designs.

The Joker (Bank Robber Version) is seen at the beginning of the movie where he leads a team to rob the bank. Wearing costumes and masks, he carries smoke bombs, grenades, and bank notes. The travel bag can even be opened to place the accessories inside!

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