The Predator - Fugitive Predator Statue

Sideshow and Prime 1 Studio are proud to present the 1:4 Scale Fugitive Predator from The Predator (2018 Film).

Predators have been genetically evolving themselves to be stronger, smarter and more lethal than ever before. When a young boy accidentally activates a mysterious alien device and becomes the target of these enhanced Predators, only his father and the most unlikely ragtag band of crazy ex-military agents can save him – and the human race from obliteration. From Shane Black, the Director of Iron Man 3, comes the high-octane action thriller that takes the original 80’s cult classic to the next level.

Product Size:
29.40" H (746.76mm) x 22.99" W (583.95mm) x 19.52" L (495.81mm)

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