TRAP JAW LEGENDS Maquette by Tweeterhead

Prepare to be amazed by the latest addition to your Masters of the Universe collection: the Tweeterhead Trap Jaw Legends Maquette, presented in a stunning 1:5 scale. This isn't just any figure; it's a masterpiece of design and engineering, bringing the notorious cyborg villain to life like never before.

Standing a commanding 20 inches tall, 11.5 inches wide, and 12.75 inches deep, this fully sculpted and expertly painted maquette is a sight to behold. Perched atop a Snake Mountain themed base, Trap Jaw is the perfect complement to other legendary Evil Warriors, including the Mer-Man Legends Maquette and the eagerly anticipated Skeletor Legends Maquette.

Every inch of the Trap Jaw Maquette speaks of his fearsome reputation as the Wizard of Weapons. From his iconic maroon helmet with a formidable jaw to the intricately detailed mechanical armor adorned with spikes and claws, this collectible is a true work of art. The polyresin figure also features a robotic arm versatile enough for any battle, complemented by a belt brimming with power tools. The weathered look, achieved through expert rust and patina paint effects, tells the tale of a warrior who's not just survived but thrived in countless skirmishes.

But that's not all - this Maquette offers versatility with two interchangeable portraits. Choose between his modern spiked helm or a classic rounded helmet to display Trap Jaw in your preferred style. Plus, with a modernized blaster weapon arm and a newly designed hook arm, this figure is more menacing than ever.

Don't miss your chance to own a piece of Eternia's history. Elevate your collection with the Trap Jaw Legends 1:5 Scale Maquette by Tweeterhead. It's time to witness the power and prestige of one of Skeletor's most formidable allies!

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