WEREPUPS - COOPER by Asia Eriksen

Get ready for some spooky delight with WerePups - Cooper, presented by Trick or Treat Studios and Asia Eriksen! For years, Asia has been meticulously handcrafting her original WerePups, but now, in an exciting collaboration, she and Trick or Treat Studios are making WerePups accessible to a broader audience.

Meet Cooper, a WerePup that's designed to be the size and weight of a newborn, but with an added eerie charm. Cooper boasts a solid silicone head, arms, and legs seamlessly attached to a plush, weighted furry body. This combination creates the uncanny sensation of holding a real-life baby werewolf! ๐Ÿบ๐Ÿผ

Please note that this item is intended for adult collectors and is not a toy. It requires gentle handling and careful storage to maintain its hair, paint, and silicone in pristine condition.

With an approximate length of 18 inches and weighing in at 5 pounds, Cooper is sure to add a touch of spookiness and fascination to your collection!

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