Yoda Star Wars: The Clone Wars Sixth Scale Figure

Introducing the epic Yoda™ Sixth Scale Figure from Sideshow! Prepare to be blown away by this stunning Star Wars™ collectible, inspired by the iconic Jedi™ master's animated appearance in the action-packed Star Wars: The Clone Wars™ series.

Do not underestimate his size! This incredible figure features an articulated body and a wide range of accessories, allowing you to recreate thrilling action poses straight from the beloved animated show. With a meticulously sculpted portrait, meticulously painted to capture every detail of his unique green coloration, Yoda truly comes to life. And let's not forget about his tailored fabric costume, complete with a brown shirt, pants, and a dynamic dusty outer robe with wire for effortless posing. Plus, you'll get a set of standing and jumping feet, relaxed and gesture hands, and gripping hands for epic interactions with his walking stick and green lightsaber. Bringing it all together is the included flight stand, empowering you to display this wise and skillful Jedi in intense battle stances on your shelf.

But wait, there's more! Pair Yoda with the Clone Wars-era Obi-Wan Kenobi™ Sixth Scale Figure and the Anakin Skywalker™ Sixth Scale Figure (sold separately), and your display will exude the true power of the Force.

Don't miss out on adding this legendary master to your Star Wars collection. The Yoda Sixth Scale Figure is an absolute must-have. Grab yours now and may the Force be with you!

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